Reduce outstanding revenue owed to the city with a custom collection program.

We have been in the industry for over 10 years delivering exponential results for contracted municipalities.  Get the winning team behind your lost revenue.  Contact us today!

Recoverable Revenue
  • Traffic Tickets


    With out the manpower or resources to pursue outstanding warrants, a majority of this revenue will eventually be written off or purged.  Our collection staff is fully trained and capable in the collection of warrants and citations.

  • Emergency Services


    Today the handling of medical documents and personal information is highly regulated.  It is important to know how these type of accounts can be efficiently collected on.  This is a very diligent process and should only be handled by a purely professional firm.

  • Unpaid Water Accounts


    Water usage fees represent a big part of municipal revenue.  Water consumption is always a source of concern for today’s average municipality, and as citizens establish water utility accounts; We protect the municipals bottom line!

  • Code Enforcement Violations


    We can recover a majority of missing revenues by reporting delinquent accounts to all three major credit bureaus.  This is a very valuable method to collect lost revenue for all cities and counties we are contacted with.

Why Choose MRG?
  • best payday loans State of the Art Debt Recovery Program

    Our Agency flourishes in performing an effective Government Collection Program.  We exhibit unrivaled knowledge regarding this special kind of service.  It’s in our best interest to meet any requirements specified by the municipality contracted.  We are very professional and very efficient! FundsSupply

  • Skip Tracing (or Address Correction)

    A significant percentage of debtors have moved from the address on an outstanding debt.  Without a proper address and telephone number, it is literally impossible to obtain additional information or make personal contact.  We have made considerable expenditures to develop our skip-tracing capabilities.

  • same day payday loans Data Transferring / Data Integration

    The process of transferring data from a municipality to a third party debt collector is easier than ever.  We can accept many formats produced by data management software used in most municipalities.  Establishing working relationships with major software vendors has enabled us to effectively transfer account information. here

  • Diligent Phone Campaign

    All telephone calls are monitored daily to ensure we are providing accurate information regarding outstanding debts.  Our professional staff and collectors are trained in customer service etiquette, handling collection disputes, along with State and Federal collection practices.

  • installment loans Collection Letters

    Sending out effective notices to debtors that are persuasive enough to move them to appropriate settlement of debts is one of our most important means of recovering debt.  The key is to aim at re-establishing contact in a lawful and compliant manner.  Our fully custom collection notices…

  • Pay Plans

    Our collection program in flexible enough to be able to have customer set guidelines for payment plans and also allow our staff to follow them.  In every case, our agency requests that the defendant immediately pay the FULL amount owed.  While payment in full is our goal, we have the options set to fully capitalize.

How do we Collect for you?

We Generate an Immediate Response!

Processing the data and the first of the letter series would be within 24 hours depending on volume.

• Contact with the Defendant within 14 – 30 days
• First Letter sent within 14 – 30 days
• Second Letter sent within 60 days
• Third Letter sent within 90 days


Key letter components make it easy to allow a payment to be processed. Citation numbers, total dollar
amount owed, toll free numbers for information and payment processing are available on the letter.

Collection Workflow Chart